Merino wool and bamboo kimono. Collaboration Olia Kimonos.


Collaboration with the firm OliaKimonos. Merino wool and bamboo kimono. Price to consult

This Kimono was born from the collaboration in the development of pieces for the proposal of the common language of the Craft in Progress project, with the kimono designer Oliva Aranda.

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This kimono is a very special piece, unique piece, it has been designed together to reflect the idea that we wanted to convey: the Guadalquivir, with the blues of its waters and the greens of its vegetation, bursts like a paradise in the landscape of the regular hills of the olive grove of Jaén. The austerity and the paradise of the same landscape. For this we chose a complex low hedgerow fabric, to shape the undulations of the symmetrical landscape of the olive grove and high hedgerow fabric to shape paradise, with greens, blues and whites, in different techniques, to reflect volume and spontaneity. of the water. and its vegetation, like an inner paradise.

It is woven with high heddle techniques together with the high heddle technique of a complex 8 heald twill that shapes the wavy weave. Knots and other high heeled techniques are part of the more textured and voluminous fabric that is made in the front of the kimono.

This merino wool and bamboo kimono is very soft, dense and full-bodied. We have lined it with organic cotton in a natural color.

Fully adaptable and comfortable to wear, it is a very striking, elegant and exceptional garment. Its heat capacity is very high.


Merino wool.

Wool is a fibre obtained from sheep's hair. There are different types of wool depending on the race of the sheep, the best quality being that of the Merino sheep. It is a very soft, flexible, breathable and warm wool that retains its colour very well.


Bamboo is vegetable fiber, soft and durable. It has exceptional qualities to be  worn next to the skin. In addition to its softness, it is flexible, absorbent, breathable, antifungal and antibacterial, being very suitable for sensitive skin.


Fibers: 60% merino wool, 40% bamboo.

Size: 38-40.

Warp color / weft: Natural beige base, woven in natural beige, blue and green.

Warmth: High

Finishes: Weft yarn splices are inserted into the selvages by hand. Cut and done. Certified organic cotton inner lining. Reinforcement on the shoulders so that it does not deform. Hems and lower sleeves sewn with machine overlock stitch and then hand sewn. Washing, ironing and steaming. Everything to give it more quality and durability.


Washing: hand wash, with neutral detergent and cold water.

Laying: due to the weight of the wet piece and because it has a cotton lining, we recommend drying vertically.

Ironing: no special care, generally the temperature indicated by your iron for wool.


This piece is unique, designed by Olivia Aranda, in collaboration with our firm, in the development of the pioneering project Craft in Progress and woven by us on an artisan manual wood loom, moved by our hands and feet, strand by strand woven with fiber natural of the best quality, the best to wear them in contact with your skin and taking care of all the details so that you have a piece, timeless, durable and of high quality.

All its finishes are made by hand. It does not have knots in the warp (vertical threads) nor in the weft (horizontal threads), the splices are tucked in by hand in the selvages with a needle.

We wash it by hand with natural soap, to verify the quality of the fiber, the dyeing if it has it and take its final measurement, all the pieces woven on the artisan loom shrink in their first wash because the fibers are repositioned, this is only done in the first wash, then do not shrink any more. And to finish we iron it by hand with steam to give it a better presentation and we can appreciate all its qualities.

Ana and Francis Tejedores-Handwoven. We hope you enjoy it.

Handmade in Spain. In Orcera-Jaén.



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