"The eternal jeans". Collection. Cushion. National craft prize 2020, product category


"The eternal jeans" cushion. National craft prize 2020, product category 2020

These cushions from the "El Eterno Vaquero" collection are soft, fluffy with a very pleasant touch. We have woven them by hand on our artisan looms with recycled cotton from jeans and mercerized cotton to make them resistant, very comfortable to use, durable and comfortable.

They are very versatile cushions that can be combined with many different decoration styles, to put them on a sofa, an armchair, a bed or wherever you want ...

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We have woven these cushions by hand on our artisan looms, in an elaborate variant of the technique called "honeycomb", to create a textured, striking and different fabric with slight undulations that form marked ovals. We weave with two shuttles to combine the two cottons and colors. It is a high quality upholstery fabric, it has a medium density and has a low heat capacity. The back is made of the same recycled cotton fabric, manufactured by the same Spanish company that prepares the spinning of this recycled denim cotton.

We have sewn them by machine with overlock seams so that the fabric does not unravel. And we have added a zipper so that they can be removed and washed comfortably. It is already washed and ironed.

The padding (which does not come into contact with the skin) is made of hollowed out polyester, is lined, has a zipper and is also washable.


100% recycled cotton% organic.

This cotton is a sustainable fibre, made in Spain from recycled denim, organic cotton and Lenzing re-fibre, a fibre composed of 70% of FSC-certified wood cellulose and 30% of recycled cotton cellulose, without PET. It is a soft, adaptable fibre that is very pleasant to use. It is strong and durable. Like the rest of the cotton fibers, Depending on the thickness of its yarn, it can be used in summer, fine and cool, or in winter, thick and warm.

Mercerized cotton.

Mercerized cotton is a fiber with a moderate shine and great resistance to wear, which is given by the mercerization treatment. It is a soft, flexible and durable fiber that allows a wide range of colors.


Fibers: 90% recycled denim cotton, 10% mercerized cotton.

Measurements: 52 cm x 54 cm.

Warp / weft color: Blue base, woven in different colors.

Warmth: Low.

Finishes: Overlock on the edges, machine sewn. Hand washed and steam ironed to give them more quality, softness and durability.


Washing: hand wash, with neutral detergent and cold water.

Laying: inside out, put the darts on the hem to avoid leaving marks, and if necessary, to facilitate ironing.

Ironing: no special care is taken, in general the temperature indicated by your iron for cotton.


This piece is unique, designed and handwoven by us on a manual wooden artisan loom, moved by our hands and feet, we weave it strand by strand, with the best quality natural fiber, the best to wear or use in contact with your skin and we take care of all the details so that you have a piece, timeless, durable and of high quality.

All its finishes are made by hand. It does not have knots in the warp (vertical threads) nor in the weft (horizontal threads). The weft splices are collected by hand in the selvedges with a needle, achieving a more complete and better quality finish.

We wash it by hand with natural soap, to verify the quality of the fiber, the dyeing if it has it and take its final measurement, something essential for us, all the pieces woven on the artisan loom shrink in their first wash because the fibers are repositioned (This is only done in the first wash, then they do not shrink any more). And then we iron it by hand with steam so that once it is finished, you can appreciate all its qualities.

Ana y Francis, Tejedores-Handwoven. We hope you enjoy it.

Handmade in Orcera, Jaén, Andalusia, Spain.



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