Intensive and personalized training course. Learn torigid heddle loom


It is an intensive personalized theoretical / practical course to learn how to handweave on arigid heddle loom. From start to finish, you learn to design your piece, carry out the project calculations, weave the warp threads, assemble the loom and handweave, including different types of finishes that you can make on the handkerchief outside the loom and some "tricks" so that enjoy the fabric of your piece.

In this course we are going to handweave a small sample as a practice and a cotton and linen handkerchief 22cm wide by 160cm long, using a rigid heddle loom.

Duration: 12 hours.

Materials included.

Following all the steps for the creation of the handmade fabric, we assemble two warps, the first warp, it is the sample book so that you can practice the whole process from the beginning. And already in the second warp, we handweave a scarf to wear, in which we see all the steps again, with the idea of ​​reinforcing everything you are learning and taking your finished piece with you except for washing and ironing. I will be with you at all times.

Everything we deal with in the course:

-Design and project of the piece, to learn how to carry out the project of your piece, with all the calculations and data necessary for the assembly of the warp on the loom, the initial and final measurements, calculation of the number of threads, of the total length, amount of warp, weft, warp yarn, etc. We use a basic sheet, with all the data that we fill in before assembling the warp.

- Warp and Assembly of the warp on the loom, including warp, braiding, pre-reed, warp winding, mesh threading, warp tying, checks, etc. Preparation of the shuttle.

- Fabric: Tension control, solution of possible problems. Measurement and rolling of the fabric. Treatment of splices and possible breakage of the threads.

- Different types of finishes.

The duration is approximately 12 hours, spread over two days. If it takes a little longer to finish your parts, the price does not change, it would be included.

This loom, one of the most basic, is moved with two hands, passing the shuttle from one hand to the other and moving the reed in different directions ... You do not need previous experience, just a little coordination that is acquired quickly.

The objective is, once the course is finished, that you can make your design, project, assemble the warp threads on the loom, handweave and make different finishes on your pieces.

The course includes the material and notes, with a small vocabulary of weaving terms that we will see during the course so that you become familiar with this traditional craft.


Terms and method of payment.

The date is open, activities and courses are available throughout the year.

The hours are open, the established hours are the ones that we have considered the best, but you can modify it, write us or call us to specify it.

Wear comfortable clothes for knitting.

If you feel like it during the course, we will have a short break for tea, coffee, infusion, accompanied by homemade sweets, at the end of each day, to “recharge batteries”.

Payment can be made through our website or at the Center.

 IMPORTANT! Before making the payment or coming to do any activity or course, please write or call to specify the date and time. They are always limited places.

If for any reason you cannot come on the indicated date, unless you want to change the date of your course, we will refund the total amount paid, although please notify us in advance.

Any questions you have and want to ask us, call us or write to us, we will be happy to help you.

 We can advise you on accommodation, there are different options you can choose from. 




We are in the Sierra de Segura, 7 km from Orcera, in a unique environment, the Casa Forestal El Pilarillo, built around 1901 of the last century, rehabilitated and conditioned by us. Right next to it is the El Pilarillo water source and the old control house. The mountain road is paved and in good condition. We have parking.

The climate is mountainous with well marked seasons, cold winters and summers with cool nights that allow you to rest.

The house is located a few meters from stage 1 of GR 247, “Los Bosques del Sur”, which connects with different destinations, towns and villages and can be done on foot. In the middle of nature, the air is pure and you breathe tranquility and calm. The views are very pleasant, pine forests, diverse flora such as rosemary, lavender, thyme, as well as a long etc. of names, shapes and colors. Different types of birds such as the short-toed eagle, chickadee, blue tit, verdigris, fat beak ... Big or little mammals such as deer, wild boar, mountain goats and the beautiful native squirrels, symbol of this impressive Sierra de Segura.

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