Our way of handweaving

How we handweave on our artisan looms

How we Hand-woven fabrics on our handlooms

The production process is inherent to this trade and we continue to weave in our workshop, in a totally handcrafted way, in all its phases, with handcrafted wooden looms, without mechanization, moved by hands and feet, creating different pieces, hand-made, one by one.

They are different pieces, the world of handmade weaving allows us to create new combinations continuously, with simple or complex handmade weaving techniques, combining colours, densities, finishes... Creating simple, complex, textured, double, tubular, three-dimensional fabrics, etc.

And we have specialized in weaving only with natural fibers of excellent quality as cotton, ramie, hemp, bamboo, soybeans, jute, wool, mohair, alpaca, silk ... In different varieties, can be used alone or mixed with them, highlighting the certified organic fibers and recycled natural fibers.

Our way of weaving and our novel approach to this millenary trade distinguish us and has been recognized with different awards and acknowledgements.

Characteristics of our fabric

These are the main characteristics and finishes that we make in our handmade fabrics on our looms, which differentiate us and add added value to our pieces so that you can use and enjoy them for a long time

Own design

We design these unique pieces, inspired by everything that does not surround, nature, sensations, music, colors, textures ... It is a craft that allows us to develop creativity, weaving very diverse pieces combining different patterns, densities, textures, fibers, measures. On the other hand, we also have the possibility of making fabrics designed by you, whether you are a private individual or a professional, through personalised consultation.

Weaving on Handcrafted Looms

The pieces are hand-woven on hand-made wooden looms, not mechanized, which are moved by our hands and feet. It is entirely self-produced, there is no subcontracting. Not having the looms mechanized, nor any other phase of the handmade fabric, on the one hand limits our production capacity, but on the other, allows us to create an infinity of textures, forms and combinations that we are constantly renewing with new and continuous creations.


Two selvages per piece, each piece is woven at once, no selvage or trimmed edges. This can be checked, you can look at the edges, see if there is a zig-zag stitch along the length, usually with very fine spinning on the trimmed threads that will have these edges, if it has one, it is the unmistakable sign that it is a mechanized or industrial production, where the whole width is woven and then the pieces are trimmed to fit that total width.

Our pieces have exquisite selvedges, denser than the rest of the fabric, which extends the life of the piece and gives it an impeccable finish. It is the unmistakable sign that these are hand-made pieces, woven by hand, one by one on the loom.

Fiber continues

Our pieces do not have knots or joints in the fabric, everything is "camouflaged" in the selvedges with a hand stitch, as if mending. Again we managed to give a better finish and make it more durable.

Bastille at the ends

We sew some stitches by hand to all the pieces, at the beginning and end as if it was a bastille, in the first and second thread, so that the fabric does not end up going down towards the fringes with the subsequent washings. Some pieces with short fringes may have another stitch in this case ofhemstitch,that holds these first strands and gives a flawless finish to these short fringes. Both are small stitches, made with a needle inside the loom, as always to give them a better finish and quality and also to embellish the finished pieces.

Fringes or hems

Once out of the loom, all the pieces have two edges that we finish, either with fringes or with a hem. The fringes are twisted, knotted, with macramé, crochet, braided or cut. The hem, we reinforce the fabric with an overlock and we always sew them by hand.

Finished by hand

Some of our pieces are finished by hand to reinforce the hem or selvages, on all sides of the piece, or the sides without fringes. In pieces such as ponchos, blankets, tablecloths ... We do crochet work or a decorative needle stitch that, at the same time, embellish the final appearance of each one of them.

Cut and confection

Some of our fabrics, in addition to weaving them in our workshop, we present them finished for different uses such as clothing and fashion accessories, and clothing and accessories for the home. This is the case of jackets, kimonos, bags, shoes, cushions, pouf, curtains, tablecloths, etc. We also cut and sew by machine and by hand according to the design and finishing needs of each piece, in our own workshop.

Washed and ironed

Again by hand, always with neutral detergent and in cold water, which sometimes slows down production again but it is indispensable to be able to offer you the real measurements, because all the pieces of handcrafted fabric shrink in the first wash and at the same time, we check the quality of the fibres and if necessary the quality of the dyeing, increasing the final softness of the fabric.


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