Care Guide

How to keep your pieces impeccable

All our pieces, once woven and finished off the loom, are washed by hand and ironed to give them more quality and durability.

We wash them by hand with natural soap, to verify the quality of the fiber, the dyeing if it has it and take its final measurement, all the pieces woven on the artisan loom shrink in their first wash because the fibers are repositioned, this is only done in the first wash, then do not shrink any more. And we iron them by hand with steam to give them a better presentation and we can appreciate all their qualities.

So that your piece or pieces last a long time, we advise you to follow these simple care tips.

For washing, always hand wash them, with neutral detergent and in cold water. There are pieces that you can machine wash, for example cotton or linen, but unless your washing machine has a special anti-wrinkle program, we do not recommend it, because they will be very wrinkled. Unless you like this look too.

The wool pieces, always wash them by hand, there are also washing machines with special programs for wool washing, but our advice is that you wash them by hand, they are small pieces, it takes practically nothing, just leave it a little in water with the detergent suitable for wool, wait, rinse, drain without twisting and hang. In this way, they will always be flawless.

Large rugs, if you have a bathtub you can wash them by hand in them, letting them drain inside before taking them out because they will weigh. If you do not have a bathtub or it is very large, we advise you to wash them with the help of another person or take them to a dry cleaner.

For all the pieces, it is preferable not to twist them, it is better to roll them on themselves and squeeze a little so that they release the water, letting them drain, and then spread them.

For laying, it is not necessary to place your piece horizontally, you can roll a towel on the clothesline, holding it with two clips and hang the piece vertically, the piece, scarf, shawl, blanket ... You can put two clips on the edges of your piece, to hold them. In this way, there will be no marks left and it will facilitate ironing, if you iron them.

For ironing, they do not take special care, in general the temperature indicated by your iron according to the type of fiber of your piece. If your piece has more than one fiber, always choose the lowest temperature indicated by the iron for each fiber, for example, if it is silk and alpaca, choose the temperature indicated for silk, silk needs a lower temperature than alpaca, if we put it higher we could damage it. Always, choose the lowest temperature indicated, of the mixture of fibers that it carries.

For wool, you do not need to put a cloth on top, when working with 100% natural wool you can iron directly on your scarf, shawl, blanket ... We will not have unexpected shine in our piece because they do not have any synthetic fiber.

For linen, we leave you a little trick, you can spray the fabric with water before ironing to get it to be somewhat damp, it will be impeccable.

There are pieces that, due to their composition or type of fabric that we have made, also look good without ironing, and this is your personal choice.

Reusable boxes or cloth bags, some of our pieces have reusable boxes or cloth bags, for example, the blankets, to store them when not in use. We advise you to use them, to always keep your pieces like new, impeccable and ready to use.

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