Natural Fibers

Nuestras fibras naturales, propiedades y usos en nuestros tejidos

As a firm, we have focused on weaving exclusively with natural fibers, discarding artificial fibers. Natural fibers are the best for the human being, the most pleasant to wear and the least expensive for the environment, getting more exquisite pieces. The different types of fibres are generally acquired by us already spun and dyed, we do not exercise the profession of spinners and dyers. Sometimes we weave with natural unspun fibers such as wool fleece, mohair or jute fibers, coconut and have dyed wool with vegetable dyes. We always check the quality of the fibres, gathering information on their origin and uses of dyes, in our case, they are European dyes, highlighting the use of organic cotton with ecological certification and recycled cotton. We are one of the few artisan weaving workshops in Spain that offers this type of piece.

The natural fibres used are merino wool, organic wool, alpaca, baby alpaca and silk,cashmere, mohair, silk, flax, organic flax, hemp, cotton, organic cotton, recycled cotton, ramie, bamboo, soya, jute and coconut with multiple combinations between them.


Cotton is one of the first fibers used to make textiles because of its exceptional qualities. It is soft, flexible, durable, absorbent, breathable and totally versatile: fresh and warm. It is one of the few fibres that, depending on the thickness of its yarn, can be used both in summer, fine and cool, and in winter, thick and warm. We use it to weave scarves, shawls, foulards, bags, tablecloths, rugs, cushions, towels...

Certified organic cotton

Certified organic cotton is a fiber of exceptional quality, it does not undergo chemical treatments at any stage of cultivation or handling of the plant until it is converted into fiber for weaving. There are three natural colors, bone, beige and green. It is a soft, flexible and anti-allergic fibre, ideal for people with skin problems or sensitivity. We use it to weave scarves, shawls, foulards, towels, baby shoes...

Mercerized cotton

Mercerized cotton is a fiber with a moderate luster and a high resistance to wear and tear that gives it the mercerization treatment. It is a soft, flexible and durable fibre that allows a wide range of colours. We use it to weave scarves, shawls, cushions, tablecloths, baby shoes...

Recycled-organic cotton

This cotton is a sustainable fiber, made in Spain from recycled jeans, organic cotton and Lenzing refiber, a fiber made up of 70% FSC certified wood cellulose and 30% recycled cotton cellulose. without PET. It is a soft, adaptable fiber that is very pleasant to use. It is strong and durable. Like the rest of cotton fibers, depending on the thickness of its thread, it can be used both in summer, fine and cool, and in winter, thick and warm.

Cotton and linen

The pieces woven with the union of cotton fibers and linen, have the advantages of both fibers, softness, fall, adaptability, plus all the characteristics of linen, being very pleasant and comfortable to use. We use it to weave scarves, foulards, shawls, tablecloths...


Linen is an extraordinary noble fibre used since ancient times. It is a comfortable and elegant fibre with many applications both in fashion and in the home. It has a number of features that make it unique, it is Antibacterial, fungicidal and its known resistance to heat, even UV radiation, make it particularly suitable for summer. We use it forto weave scarves, shawls, tablecloths, cushions...


Wool is a fibre obtained from sheep's hair. There are different types of wool depending on the race of the sheep, the best quality being that of the Merino sheep. It is a very soft, flexible and warm wool that allows many types of yarns and retains its colour very well. We use it for weaving, scarves, shawls, blankets, carpets, cushions...


It is the fiber obtained from the hair of the goat that originates from the mountains of Ankara, Turkey. Its softness and flexibility stand out, and different types of yarns can be found, from long pile fibres to looped fibres. It is also very warm and textured. We use it for weaving, scarves, shawls...


The Alpaca is native to the Andes, Peru. It is an exquisite fibre, with a series of characteristics that give it an exceptional quality, it is very soft, very warm, thermo-regulating, does not retain odours and its structure with hardly any flakes means that it does not become stiff. The alpaca pieces bring a lot of heat and weigh little, they are very pleasant to wear. We use it to weave scarves, shawls, blankets...

Baby alpaca with silk

The baby alpaca comes from the alpacas that live in the most mountainous areas of the Andes. As it is her first hair, it is very soft, very warm and lightweight. The mixture of baby alpaca with silk, makes it an extraordinary fiber, gives it a satin shine, achieving the virtues of both fibers. We use it to weave scarves, shawls...


Silk is a sophisticated, soft, strong fibre with a satin sheen that makes it totally unmistakable. It has thermo-regulatory properties and there are different types and shapes of yarns obtaining pieces with very different finishes. We use it to weave scarves, shawls, foulards...


Jute is a vegetable fibre obtained mainly from the white jute plant. It has insulating and antistatic properties and retains little moisture. It is soundproof and does not cause skin irritation. It is widely used as a resistant and durable textile.


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