Flashes of Consciousness

Artistic textile work Flashes of Consciousness

The textile artistic work, Flashes of Consciousness is inspired by the diversity of responses of our mind, personal and social throughout our lives. In the approaches of cognitive neuroscience and in my own approach to the management of experiences and emotions.

Its name evokes the awareness that emerges from among the thousands of connected and intertwined thoughts that we have throughout our days, as part of the wonderful framework of the functioning of our brain, which differentiates and conditions us.

In this artistic textile work, I present the idea of the awareness of some people, after living experiences that mark us throughout our lives, linked to the fascination and attraction of neuroscience that the latter years is literally “shaking” my mind to try to understand how we manage memories, emotions and feelings and act accordingly.

It is a reference to the phases of brain activity, in which our mind becomes aware of the possibility of changes or aptitudes when faced with a problem, among the thousands of daily thoughts and that It will allow us to measure the intensity of emotions in a coherent way, in one or more situations.

It is an extra textured fabric, on a linen and cotton base that allows floating threads to be left on the warp, the base, so that when cut they remain attached but open , with a hand-spun cord of 19 strands of different fibers, linen, wool, silk, alpaca, mohair and cotton in different color ranges, as a representation of the thousands of thoughts we can have throughout the day.

It is this part of the plot, with a cut cord, that represents those thoughts of awareness, differentiated and clarifying, differentiated from the mass of daily thoughts.

Technique: Hand-woven on a loom with twill variant technique in 8 heddles adapted on a linen and cotton base woven with merino wool and hand-spun cord of wool, cotton , silks, linen, alpaca and mohair. Mounted on a wooden frame covered with cotton fabric.

Dimensions: 70cm x 100cm x 4cm

Numbered pieces: Piece 1- Whites / Piece 2 - Oranges and reds


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