Ana y Francis Tejedores

Natural Handwoven

Ana y Francis Tejedores, is the name of our firm, a micro craft textile company, born from a vital need, from a dream of life, which takes shape through our project and our small craft workshop. We specialize in fabrics with natural fibers in order to offer youHigh quality fashion and home accessories, hand-woven on our hand-looms in the heart of the Sierra de Segura, in the old "El Pilarillo" forest house in Orcera, Jaén.

Ana y Francis

Ana Santiago, I studied the career of Social Graduate and after almost 15 years working in administration in private companies, I came to the world of this craft and looms, after a rethinking "of life". I took a basic course in weaving, acquired a bibliography and began to weave. Since I was a child and during my student days, I learned pattern making and sewing techniques from my mother, a modest and perfectionist "village seamstress", who now, as a craftswoman, helps me with the finishing of my pieces.

Francis, after several years working for public and private companies and preparing for the public competition for environmental agent, left everything and decided to accompany and support me. He has a special sensitivity for nature and colour, as well as patience and know-how. Together, we started our new work project, our new life project.

What do we do?

Passionate about textile design, the loom and natural fibers, we started the workshop professionally in 2007, inspired by the nature that surrounds us, we design our pieces and weave them by hand on wooden looms, on non-mechanized artisanal looms, in order to offer you unique, singular pieces, woven conscientiously, to use, reuse and enjoy.

As a firm, Ana and Francis Tejedores/Natural Handwoven, we have specialized in weaving by hand with natural, ecological and/or recycled fibers, fashion and accessories for the home, of high quality in our artisan looms, in two different lines: natural and color. You can see more in Our way of weaving.

In 2014 we moved to Orcera, to a forest house in the Sierra de Cazorla Segura y las Villas Natural Park, with our new expanded project El Pilarillo, where in addition to setting up our workshop of artisan weaving, we open the doors of the studio so you can visit us, with personalized attention and you can learn to weave by hand on looms, take intensive training courses on the loom that you like the most, while you get to know this impressive Sierra de Safe. You can see more in What you can find and in Our courses.

With full dedication to this artisan trade, from our workshop in El Pilarillo, recognized as an Andalusian Artisan Point of Interest, we invite you to meet us and learn more about this exciting trade artisanal, the craft of weaving by hand on non-mechanized looms.

Alfombra de lana merino tejida a mano en nuestros telares


El Pilarillo vista desde el taller de la Sierra de Segura en  Jaén

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Manta de lana merino nacional tejida a mano en nuestros telares artesanos

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