Made to measure

As a firm specialized in hand weaving on artisan looms, we can weave the type of fabric you need according to your personal tastes or preferences. We can advise you and see sizes, patterns, densities and fibers, with a totally personalized service to help you create unique designs, from the concept and idea, to its finishes.

In each personalized project, the first thing is to know what type of fabric you want or need to create, whether inspired by a story or by a specific use that you want to give it, in order to be able to adapt the different weaving techniques and possibilities to your tastes and preferences.

From this first meeting and dialogue we get started, choosing the most convenient to be able to make a sample of fabric, on which we can assess and decide before weaving, the final fabric.

Our personalized service offers the possibility of custom designs and fabrics for:

-Scarves and shawls.


-Cushions and poufs.


-Cloths, footage for tailoring.

-Cloths, footage for interior decoration.

Being a micro artisan company without subcontracting, our production is limited, therefore, always before confirming a project or order, we also specify the weaving times and their finishes, a deadline if there is one, which we comply with exactly, except for reasons of overwhelming force

You can write or call us to book your appointment.

We also offer you the possibility of making ethnographic reproductions of ancient tissue. In these cases, a prior exhaustive study of the tissue you want to reproduce is necessary, and in the same way, we always make a tissue sample, to confirm and have your approval, before proceeding to the final tissue.

Why handweave on a loom with us

Since we started professionally in 2007, we have been continuously investigating the great diversity of handmade weaving techniques, in our non-mechanized looms, with new fibers, densities, combinations, offering the possibility of making very unique fabrics, different, new and unique, made in Spain and according to your needs. From a simple taffeta fabric to complex twill variations, combined, double or three-dimensional fabrics.

We can find solutions and advise you personally on the final result of the fabric you are looking for. You can come to the workshop in Jaén or have online or telephone meetings.

We have been collecting information on the results of the different natural fibers that we use to weave, their possibilities, properties, characteristics and behavior, depending on the purpose and the fabric you want or are looking for. From a certified organic cotton to a merino wool from a native Extremadura sheep. We can advise you on the most suitable fiber for your project, its spinning, colors and the way of weaving and treating it.

We know how important the quality of the fiber with which we weave all our pieces is, therefore we have a selection of trusted fiber suppliers, who assure us of the quality of their fibers, dyes and therefore of our fabrics.


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