Our values as a starting point


In our work, we start from basic premises of quality and closeness. For us, your satisfaction is a fundamental part of our work. We want to transmit you authenticity, honesty and trust by making known this artisan's trade and our unique way of carrying out our life and work project. Our priority: to make you feel delighted to wear, use or give away our pieces, wrapped up in feelings of serenity, well-being, confidence and satisfaction... The other part, is to maintain the quality, exclusivity and diversity of our handmade pieces, with a local, small and sustainable production.


Important starting points. Our way of being and being.

1. Nature as an inspiring source of our work, our fabrics and our life. We're inside it, not above it. She marks and directs us, with her colors, her textures and her times, her patterns of creation, with wisdom and patience.

2. Sustainability as a starting point, by logic and by choice. Preserve and maintain where we live. We only weave with natural, ecological and or recycled fibers, without compromising the needs of future generations, constantly seeking to reduce our environmental footprint, with maximum respect for the nature that surrounds and welcomes us, the Sierra de Segura and our precious planet.

3. Craftsmanship as a form of production, as a form of expression, of continuous creativity, of slow work of our hands, which connects us with our origins and reminds us of who we are, our creative capacities and our culture. With limited productions subject to the time needed for each piece to be able to offer an impeccable finish, as quality work, taking care of all the details and seeking perfection in all phases of the handmade fabric.

4. Ethics, as a basic premise to start any movement. Treat others as we would like to be treated. Patience, respect and calm.

5. Honesty as a way of life, as a signature, as the only way to walk the chosen path. Simplicity and coherence in all its expressions.

6. Quality in all its forms, in the raw materials, recyclable organics, in the craft techniques, in the pieces and their finishes, in the treatment. We praise quality, not quantity, we praise, no, what we have, but what we feel, recorded as memories that move us forward.

7. Durability, quality handheld parts for everyday use, so that they can be used over and over again for a long time, without time or fads, timeless parts that always feel good.

8. Humility as presentation, as movement, we are small, this is how we started, this is how we are and this is how we want to continue.

9. Closeness, in treatment, in life relationships, trust, thinking of others in their needs in all possibilities, helping to choose, advising to facilitate, sharing and improving.

10. Responsible consumption/as a form of commerce, as a present, as a reality, showing and offering the possibility of another type of consumption, for everything, with the help of four basic questions, only four, Where is it made? By whom? How? And with what? Four simple, quick and easy to answer questions that help us to reinforce conscious, present, real and rational consumption.


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