Collaborations and Exhibitions

Our handwoven together with designers and artisans.


As an artisan firm with its own workshop, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with other artisans and designers, where we unite the concerns and creative capacity of both, for the development of the design and the creation of unique and different pieces. The possibilities are endless.

Olivia Aranda

Kimono Emerge. Olivia Aranda and her signature Olia Kimonos, is a designer of handmade and personalized kimonos. With Oliva, we jointly designed, under the framework of the Craft in Progress project, a unique kimono-coat. It is a very special piece, inspired by the Guadalquivir river and the olive grove of Jaén, where we wanted to represent the idea of austerity and paradise in this landscape, in this unique piece. The blues of its waters and the greens of the vegetation burst like a paradise into the landscape of the regular hills of the Jaén olive grove. Combining a complex low warp weave, to shape the undulations of the symmetrical landscape of the olive grove, with a high warp weave to give shape to paradise, with greens, blues and whites, in different techniques, to reflect volume and spontaneity. of water and its vegetation, of the inner paradise. We have woven the kimono in merino wool and bamboo, and made it as a unique piece where we unite fashion, art and crafts.Kimono Emerge

Manuel García Madrid

The proposal by Manuel, a menswear designer, has been a direct, precise and consensual collaboration for his contemporary tailoring firm García Madrid. Manuel García had a clear idea, to reflect part of the landscape of his beloved Jaén, and he developed a design of shapes and colours, for a very special piece that would move, surround and could accompany one of his wonderful suits from his new menswear collection. . His words, “Childhood memories, colors of land and fields that lie ahead. The imperfect and naturalness”. We searched for and advised the most appropriate technique to carry out this unique piece and we decided to weave it into shape on the loom with high and low heddle techniques, drawing the hills of the olive grove of his native land. We have woven it in 100% alpaca and it has all the finishes made equally by hand. The piece has been part of his autumn winter AW21 collection, presented at the Mercedes Fashion Week catwalk in Madrid. Garcia Madrid Poncho

El Arte del Olivo

Horizons. Limited collection of two pieces, where we wanted to symbolize the different horizons, as a metaphor for the different solutions, that we can glimpse in the same situation, depending on the place from where we look at them. Linking the idea that there is no absolute reality by definition for all concepts, there are different factors that usually determine the different realities or possibilities. We have woven with alpaca, framed in olive wood. Horizons

Leandro Cano

On the occasion of the celebration of his X Anniversary, Leandro did not propose to collaborate with one of our fabrics, for one of his designs from the artistic collection "The Dance of the Excluded ”. The result has been a design footage, made in merino wool, with a taffeta fabric for the pants and a complex encapsulated fabric of two layers interconnected by sections, for two jackets, with ceramic pieces by the potter Juan Pablo Tito inside each capsule. . His complete collection has been presented at the Spanish embassy in Paris. Encapsulated



Collective exhibition "Craft in Progress", at the Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda, Jaén.


Collective exhibition "Craft in Progress", at the Arab Baths Cultural Center in the Villardompardo Palace in Jaén.

Collective exhibition "Craft in Progress" at the Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda, Jaén.


Collective exhibition of the Association of Artisans of Úbeda, at the Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda, Jaén.

Collective exhibition of the Artisan Association of Spain Craft and Art, Crafts and Fashion, Making a difference. Crafts and Fashion


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