Merino wool scarf handwoven - Clematis.


Clematides collection, where the air takes them.

This merino wool scarf is cheerful, comfortable, flexible and warm. The fiber has an uneven, thick yarn, which gives it a particular appearance, its touch is soft, almost cottony, very pleasant. Inspired by the seeds of clematis, which fly wherever the air takes them, it is a very warm and breathable scarf, we have knitted by hand leaving the fringes all the way on both sides, giving a very casual, different and fun look. The base fringes are knotted giving a sensation of movement.

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Its coloring allows us many combinations with different styles. It looks very good with coats, jackets, sweaters ... Its length make it very comfortable to wear with different knots or wrapped in it and also to store, you can choose to wear the fringes in order or in a "random" way almost as they want.

For lovers of soft, flexible, comfortable, timeless and colorful scarves.

We have woven this scarf by hand in taffeta fabric, which gives it flexibility and softness. It is a thick, soft and combinable fabric.


Merino wool

Wool is a fibre obtained from sheep's hair. There are different types of wool depending on the race of the sheep, the best quality being that of the Merino sheep. It is a very soft, flexible, breathable and warm wool that retains its colour very well.


Fibers: 1000% merino wool.

Measurements: 18 cm x 201 cm. (Fringes included).

Warp color / weft: Base multicolor, handwoven in different colors.

Warmth: High

Finishing: Hand stitching on the first and last threads so that the fabric does not come apart.   Knotted fringes.  Washed and ironed. All to give you more quality and durability.


Washing: hand wash, with neutral detergent and cold water.

Laying: roll up a towel on the hanging line, holding it with two clamps and hang the piece vertically so that it does not leave a mark and, if necessary, make ironing easier.

Ironing: no special care, generally the temperature indicated by your iron for wool.


This piece is unique, designed and handwoven by us on a wooden loom, moved by our hands and feet, strand by strand handwoven with the best quality natural fiber, the best to wear in contact with your skin and taking care of all aspects, so that you have a piece, timeless, durable and of great quality.

All its finishes are made by hand. There are no knots in the warp (vertical threads) or weft (horizontal threads), the splices are inserted by hand into the selvages with a needle.

We wash it by hand with natural soap, to verify the quality of the fiber, the dyeing and its final measurement, all the pieces handwoven on the artisanal loom shrink in their first wash because the fibers reposition themselves, then they do not shrink any more. And to finish we iron it by hand with steam to give it a better presentation and you can appreciate all its qualities.

Ana and Francis Tejedores-Handwoven. We hope you enjoy it.

Handmade in Spain. In Orcera-Jaén.



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