Alpaca poncho. Collaboration García Madrid


Collaboration with the firm García Madrid. Alpaca poncho.

This poncho was born from a direct, precise and consensual collaboration with the men's fashion designer Manuel Gracía, for his contemporary tailoring firm García Madrid.

Manuel García had a clear idea, to reflect part of the landscape of his beloved Jaén and developed a design of shapes and colors, for a very special piece that moved, enveloping and could accompany one of his wonderful suits from his new men's fashion collection. His words, “Memories of childhood, colors of lands and fields that lie ahead. The imperfect and the naturalness ”.

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Combined with different fashion styles from the most informal to the most sophisticated, it adapts to your own style, providing a note of differentiation, due to its uniqueness and the incomparable and pearly shine of silk. Very versatile and combinable, you can wear it with any garment, dresses, shirts, coats ... As a shawl at any time of the year or as a scarf attached to the neck in winter, it is light, although it maintains the heat of your body if you wear it close to the skin, for its thermo-regulatory properties. 

We look for and advise the most appropriate technique to carry out this unique piece, a poncho, and we decided to weave it into shape inside the loom with high and low heddle techniques, drawing the hills of the olive grove of his native land. The piece has been part of his AW21 autumn winter collection, presented at the Mercedes Fashion Week runway in Madrid in 2021.

This poncho is a unique piece, it is light and very warm. Its touch is soft, with a 100% alpaca fabric that gives it drape and flexibility, being very adaptable and pleasant to wear.

As a coat it looks great with any garment, although it is especially striking accompanying the suit from the AW21 collection by García Madrid with which it has been presented.

It is a very versatile, unique and attractive piece.

We finished with a hand-sewn hem and finished with a decorative handmade stitch, in the color chosen by designer Manuel García to further enhance the finishes.

We have woven this poncho by hand on the loom, with the high and low taffeta and röllakan heddle techniques, with two types of shuttles, literally drawing the hills, according to the drawing pattern designed by Manuel. The neck and the two separate pieces that make up the front, are woven into the loom, so as not to have to cut the fabric once outside the loom.

As a result and fruit of this collaboration with the firm García Madrid, this poncho is an exceptional piece, for its design, for its fiber, for the techniques of hand-weaving on our loom, combining high and low heddle and for all the finishes to leading hand, so you can wear and reuse this timeless piece, for a long time.



The Alpaca is native to the Andes, Peru. It is an exquisite fibre, with a series of characteristics that give it exceptional quality, it is very soft, very warm, thermo-regulating, does not retain odours, and its structure with hardly any flakes means that it does not feel like it's slipping. The alpaca pieces bring a lot of heat and weigh little, they are very pleasant to wear.  


Fibers: 100% alpaca.

Measurements: 125 cm x 215 cm.

Warp color / weft: Natural beige base, woven in natural beige, gray and terracotta.

Warmth: High

Finishes: Hand tucked in weft thread splices at the selvages. Hand-stitched center and side hems. Neck with hand-finished hem. Without fringes, the hems have been machine overlocked and hand-sewn. Decorative and reinforcing stitch on all edges with double nickel silver to make it stand out more. Hand washed, ironed, steamed and brushed. All to give it more quality and durability.


Washing: hand wash, with neutral detergent and cold water.

Laying: wrap a towel around the clothesline holding it with two clips and hang the piece vertically so that it is not marked and, if necessary, facilitates ironing.

Ironing: no special care, generally the temperature indicated by your iron for wool.


This piece is unique, designed by Manuel García for his contemporary men's tailoring firm García Madrid and handwoven by us on a manual wooden artisan loom, moved by our hands and feet, we weave it strand by strand, with the best quality natural fiber, the best to wear or use in contact with your skin and we take care of all the details so that you have a piece, timeless, durable and of high quality.

All its finishes are made by hand. There are no knots in the warp (vertical threads) or weft (horizontal threads), the splices are inserted by hand into the selvages with a needle.

We wash it by hand with natural soap, to verify the quality of the fiber, the dyeing and its final measurement, all the pieces handwoven on the artisanal loom shrink in their first wash because the fibers reposition themselves, then they do not shrink any more. And to finish we iron it by hand with steam to give it a better presentation and you can appreciate all its qualities.

Ana and Francis Tejedores-Handwoven. We hope you enjoy it.

Handmade in Spain. In Orcera-Jaén.



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