Recycled cotton shawl handmade on a loom. National Craft Award.


National Craft Award in the 2020 Product Award category.

We have woven this shawl by hand on our looms with recycled cotton from used trousers and denim, it is light, sober and elegant, very different from conventional denim, due to its density, texture and type of fabric, "lace". Its touch is soft, flexible, breathable and adaptable. Its fabric gives us low or medium heat depending on how you use it, such as a shawl or scarf.

It looks great with any garment, with coats, jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants ... And it is very combinable with any style giving a touch of distinction. You can dress it at any time of the year, on a cool summer night, at halftime or in winter as a great scarf ... that will keep you warm due to its volume.

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We have made a blind stitch hand-sewn hem at the beginning and end of this shawl to give it a clean, simple and elegant finish.

For lovers of shawls, comfortable, combinable, versatile and timeless. And those who are passionate about blue and denim, in this case recycled and sustainable. It is also suitable for people with allergy or skin sensitivity problems, for those who do not want anything of animal origin and for vegans.

We have woven this shawl by hand with a complex lace fabric that provides flexibility, drape and softness, with small almost translucent areas that make it a very peculiar, durable, elegant or informal piece.


100% recycled organic cotton.

This cotton is a sustainable fiber, made in Spain from recycled jeans, organic cotton and Lenzing refiber, a fiber made up of 70% FSC certified wood cellulose and 30% recycled cotton cellulose. without PET. It is a soft, adaptable fiber that is very pleasant to use. It is strong and durable. Like the rest of cotton fibers, depending on the thickness of its thread, it can be used both in summer, fine and cool, and in winter, thick and warm.


Fibers: 100% recycled cotton.

Measurements: 55 cm x 200 cm.

Warp / Weft Color: Denim Blue.

Warmth: Low like a shawl. Stocking as a scarf.

Finishes: Hand-sewn hem with blind stitch. Weft yarn splices tucked into the selvages by hand. Washed and ironed. Everything to give it more quality and durability.


Washing: hand wash, with neutral detergent and cold water.

Laying: wrap a towel around the clothesline holding it with two clips and hang the piece vertically so that it is not marked and, if necessary, facilitates ironing.

Ironing: no special care is taken, in general the temperature indicated by your iron for  cotton. 

Reusable box: We send you this shawl in its reusable brown and orange cardboard box, so you can store it and keep it impeccable, always ready to use.


This piece is unique, designed and handwoven by us on a wooden loom, moved by our hands and feet, strand by strand handwoven with the best quality natural fiber, the best to wear in contact with your skin and taking care of all aspects, so that you have a piece, timeless, durable and of great quality.

All its finishes are made by hand. There are no knots in the warp (vertical threads) or weft (horizontal threads), the splices are inserted by hand into the selvages with a needle.

We wash it by hand with natural soap, to verify the quality of the fiber, the dyeing and its final measurement, all the pieces handwoven on the artisanal loom shrink in their first wash because the fibers reposition themselves, then they do not shrink any more. And to finish we iron it by hand with steam to give it a better presentation and you can appreciate all its qualities.

Ana and Francis Tejedores-Handwoven. We hope you enjoy it.

Handmade in Spain. In Orcera-Jaén.



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